Certainly each of you read that very interesting and fascinating directive, which I mentioned last time, because every pyromaniac loves law, regulations and restrictive standards. Yeah…
As my wife used to say: “I did it, because I didn’t have anything more boring to do” (of course she never says that about my person 😉 ).
So let’s start this torture…
Generally there are four groups of fireworks designed for average people: F1, F2, F3 and…. Guess? …. F4. These groups are dependent on the hazard, noise and using specific products.
F1 – very safe, you could use it even inside building.
F2 – still safe but you should use it outdoors.
F3 – not so safe, you should for sure use outdoors in large area.
F4 – for use only by persons with special knowledge (not for You).
Similar groups refer to products other than fireworks:
P1 – safe pyrotechnic articles
P2 – pyrotechnics articles other than fireworks for use only by persons with special knowledge (not for You).
There are also theatrical pyrotechnic articles (T), but it isn’t too important for us.

All pyrotechnic products are subject to strict European standards. They have to be designed and manufactured in such a way, which enables safe disposal without environmental impact.
Each pyrotechnic article must function correctly and they can’t contain detonative explosives other than black powder and flash composition, except for pyrotechnic articles of categories P1, P2, T2 and fireworks of category F4.

If you are quite bored, I have to tell you, that soon I plan on my blog a series of interesting notes about using pyrotechnics. I hope that many years of my experience will allow me to be your guide in this topic in the near future!
(I felt so old when I was writing “many years”…)


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