Hello all my Fans! I know you are there!

Today something more interesting – our topic is: how to use smoke bombs?
I have to say, that smoke bombs are one of my favorite pyrotechnic products – they are spectacular and have got many different colors. They good looking on photos – make dramatic special effect. If you don’t know – smoke bombs are used also in smoke tests, so they could be very helpful.

Colored smoke bombs have got suitable pigment or dye – which makes it colorful. For producing is usually used potassium chlorate oxidizer, lactose or dextrin as a fuel and about 40-50% content of the dye. The most popular colored smoke bombs are red, orange, yellow, green and my favorite – blue smoke bombs.

If you are wondering – is smoke health and safe? I have to say – you could be in or around the smoke but you should avoid breathing the smoke. It’s not known to be toxic, but especially if you are asthmatic it could be quite dangerous. Most smoke bombs could be held in the hand. But smoke from smoke bombs could stain material. So if you would like to do, for examples, some great photos in smoke – remember, that it could stain your favorite clothes. It could create a fire risk too.

There are some different shapes of smoke bombs – like a small balls or a smoke candle. Smoke bombs producing smoke for up to a few seconds. That’s true – that you could also make smoke bombs by yourself, but I don’t recommend this. Much more safer are those available in stores – tested and certified.

At last but not at least – smoke bombs are often used during the matches, in the stands. Sometimes using pyro makes really spectacular and outstanding show. But, as we all know, sometimes it’s associated with the antics of disgruntled fans. They throw smoke bombs on the grass and interrupted match. This is very annoying and irresponsible – that’s why pyrotechnics has got so bad associations. I’m also football fan, but I disagree with unsuitable using pyro.
Pyro is not a crime. When it doesn’t disturb anyone.


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