Time to start: Firecrackers!
Last time I wrote about my favorite smoke bombs, this time I would like to say something more about my the most disliked product – firecrackers.
Why I would like to write about it, if I really hate it? That’s simple. When I started my adventure witch pyrotechnics, at first I tried using firecrackers. It was the best available products, which I could buy even as a 12 years old kid. My childhood love. Nightmare of my neighbors.

There are few terms on firecracker – cracker, noise maker, petard or banger/bunger. But there is one purpose – to make noise and bang. Now, when I’m so old it annoys me, but on the other hand, I understand kids’ fascination with crackers – they throw it and it explodes with bang. Yes, that could be funny, if you are kid. For sure, if I’ll have a son, one day he began to explore pyrotechnics through firecrackers.

Most of crackers have fuses and are wrapped in a heavy paper casing to contain the explosive compound. They are generally made of cardboard or plastic with flash powder or black power. Firecrackers are made with highly flammable materials and proper safety measures must be taken. It could be really dangerous, especially if firecracker explode in your hand, when you wait too long to throw it. But, as I say – I started my adventure with pyro with crackers when I was 12 years old – and I still have got all fingers 😉 Always the most important is using pyrotechnic with respect and thought.

Now to be honest – my favorites from crackers is a… Christmas cracker 😀



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