Pyro flares are a tubes packed with explosive chemicals, that burns very bright and sometimes gives smoke. It is used as a signal that you need help (for example on the sea). But it’s of course also part of popular pyrotechnics. Colorful flares and torches (smaller flares) are very often using on matches too (about my opinion is that good I mentioned, when I was writing about smoke bombs). They are made usually from: sulfur, potassium sulphate, cupric ammonia sulphate, potassium nitrate and potassium chlorate and eventual other ingredients. There are two main kinds of flares: handheld flares (operated on the ground) and rocket flares (fired into the air).

Handheld flares you could held in hand (as the name suggests), placed on the ground or dropped overboard into the sea. Flares burning time is about minute. There are many different length but every has got the same shape – like tube. When would like to use flare – you have to find good location and after light it, you should stand with your left or right shoulder facing into the wind. You should hold the flare as away from body as you can. It’s also very important to held flare in the middle and carry it downward, so that no burning residues can drip back onto your hand.
The best known, no-pyro torch is Olympic Flame.



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