Hi there!
We had to talk about smoke bombs, firecrackers, flares and torches, so today is time for…
STROBES (stroboscopes).
The strobe effect has applications in various fields – most notably in the fireworks industry and in the military area. Using strobes give amazing and very spectacular effect, but you should remember that strobe-lighting effects can trigger a form of epilepsy (photo-sensitive epilepsy, PSE or light-sensitive epilepsy). The main task for the strobe is to flash. It’s issues bright pulsating light and producing lots of smoke. It’s something like smoke bomb, only with flashing light. And as with smoke bomb, you should remember to avoid breathing smoke from strobe, because it could be unhealthy. Effect of using strobe could be quite aggressive, especially for kids or older people, but it gives great view on videos and when you are watching it on live – for example on concerts. So, check it by yourself!

Here you have some photos made by me 😀 These are examples of different stroboscopes.


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