It will be very nice if you write me what you like in my blog and about what you would like to read. So far, I told you a little bit about pyro and probably you wonder about the fundamental issue – pyro for sale! So the main question is WHERE TO BUY PYRO? 
Answer is simple. I have one sure and good shop. That’s , which I could recommend to all. I order the pyrotechnics from this side already 3 years. I tested also few others shops, but it only disappointed me… Once, I ordered pyro from UltrasShop but it was problems with my order and… maybe I won’t say more, because I don’t want to say anything bad and harm anyone. But I have a lesson – don’t looking for something good if you have the best one (like with my wife 😛 ).
Many people ask me why I am not buying pyro in local British stores or where to buy pyro in uk. The answer is very easy – there is actually no ultras shops in Great Britain.
But to come back to my topic… Pyro from ultras-europe I order systematic – once for three months – maybe one day my wife will be read this blog, so I can’t tell you how much money I spend on it. Usually delivery doesn’t lasts a long time and all products are the same like on photos. They also often have got sales and promotions. A nice touch is that the warehouses in Poland (in Cracow) and I came from Poland, as you know. So, when the package comes, I feel like a kid who gets a gift from home 😀

And You?
Where are you buying pyro?
Do you have yours favorite shop or are looking for it?
And what are your experiences with pyroshops?


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