Hello My PyroFriends!
Today it will be something new – practical advices how NOT to use fireworks. Maybe funny, maybe frightening, but for sure useful!
So let’s get started!
1st example:
Never light firecracker in the house (even if you are blonde):
It seems funny, but it could be very dangerous. This girl behaved very irresponsibly – she was thinking that it’s real pyro but she… lighted it inside the room! Long hair, wooden floors and if it will be a real pyro – it could end very badly …

2nd example:
When you using firecrackers – think more than amoeba:
Similar situation, but this time real firecrackers. I don’t even know how to comment this video…
Exploding fireworks in a pot located on the back your buddy, in his bed. More than risky. Not only because of the fireworks, have you seen this angry face?

3rd example:
Don’t play with fire:
For sure top ten. But it was not a compliment. I’m afraid that some of these men will never be fathers…If you know what I mean. Gentlemen, more reflection!

4th example:
If you have stupid idea, better stop before you destroy the world (or your life):
Never use pyro on the streets, in the vicinity of people, houses and cars! Never put fireworks to mouth…or anywhere else. And the most important – if you’re drunk, thread the term fun with pyro for another day…

I don’t know – is that good that people show something such films… But take the lesson and listen to my advice – if you don’t want to be a star of film “10 stupidest people who played with pyro”, never do something like that. Trust me – it will be better for your health and life.


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