Welcome Everyone!
Last time we talk about sad things, so today I would like to give you some advices how to protect yourself, while using pyro. There are some useful advices, the same for different types of pyro. You should really follow them carefuly.

  1. Remember that to use pyro, you have to be 18 (or more) years old!eighteen-38478_1280
  2. Pyro, must come from a secure, trusted ultras shop and have all certifications!
  3. Always read the manual!94762-f0a4245c1f694cc0a41aef3208d80268
  4. Follow the manual!
  5. Remember to find safe place to use pyro! (I wrote about it here)
  6. Never light pyro when you are alone! (If something goes wrong, it’s better to have someone’s help).
  7. Wear cotton (not synthetic) clothes and try to stay away from fire source! (pyro could stain materials and synthetic material is inflammable).accident-1238326_1280
  8. If you get injured – don’t panic! Call 911 and take care of your security!
  9. If someone else get injured – never leave him/her alone, call 911 and try help this person (of course take care of yours security).
  10. Don’t touch dud and never try to fire it up again! (More about that, I wrote in one of my notes).

I think those advices are very important and you always have to remember about it to avoid the hazard of getting injured. I you have different advices, share them with us under my post.





Have fun from pyro!


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