If you are wondering where to use pyro safely, I could give you some great advices in this note. ( Admit, that you loved my boring advices!)

Where NOT to use pyro (I hope, you remember, but I’ll repeat it):

  •  In houses – yes, it could be very dangerous – you have got furnitures, curtains, carpets, wooden floors and much much more. And, as you know, pyro may cause fire. If you don’t want to live under the bridge with all your family, use pyro always outdoors.z
  •  On the crowded streets – If you have neighbors and they don’t want to kill you yet, try to don’t screw that up. Seriously, you have to remember to keep it safe and, but you can’t predict all possible situations in crowded place. There are also cars, which could even catch fire. So it isn’t good place.as
  • In forest and nearby the place of living animals. Firstly, animals shouldn’t for example, breathing smoke from pyro. We have to protect them, not to disturb them. Secondly, animals are just… animals. Noise and bang from fireworks could scared them and then animals are unpredictable. They may distort yours planned fireworks show and not only destroy something, but also cause danger for themselves and for you.bez-tytuluaw

Surely the safest and most legitimate option is to go to the shooting range. Unfortunately I know that this is very hard, because of the money you have to pay and because of the licenses. So for mine conscience and for your safety I’ll give you few tips.

The best solution will be using pyro in big, open areas. Where you can’t cause a fire, there are no animals and all peoples with you, get safe distance from fireworks. Sometimes it’s not easy to find place like this (for example when you are living in big city), but remember, that keeping safe is very important and it’s necessary.

When I was living in Poland, I had one my favorite place. When I asked my wife (she was then only my girlfriend), would she like to be me wife, I took her there. Of course I made special firework show only for her and then I asked. Maybe she agreed because of shock and surprise. I don’t know and now it doesn’t matter. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you where is it. That’s only our place.
Find yours! :p

Here i post some ideas where you can enjoy your pyro safe:






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