I don’t know if I doing it in the best way, but I could share with you my way to store pyro. Every year I bought about 4 (sometimes 5) big boxes of pyro. Some of products I tested as soon as I only could. But sometimes I have more work, I have to repair something in home (or just I have to try before I call for specialist) or we are on vacation and I haven’t to much time for my hobby. In those cases I have to store my pyro safely. We don’t have children or pets, so problem isn’t so big. For all my pyro I have got special closed metal lockers. I think it became less dangerous than wooden cupboard. Pyro is sorted and I never mix it (smoke bombs with smoke bombs, firecrackers with firecrackers). I keep it in plastic tubs and containers. I never throw manuals away and I watch over, that box and packaging have not been damaged. Of course, in the room couldn’t be moisture or too high temperature. Now my pyro is safe and we are calm, but ealier we live in flat, where many things were made from wood. To protect we bought fire extinguisher. Luckly, we never had to use it.
Correctly storage pyro is important to keep your home safe. Quality of your pyro depends also on the way how you store it. It’s very important to do it in the mostly safe way.


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