Today, two things – CE mark and pyro on plane.
Maybe for you, it doesn’t connect, but for me – yes. When you want to buy something (I recommend you my favorite store: ultras-europe.com), but maybe you are shopping somewhere else, so you should always remember to check if all from your products have got CE mark. And why I connect it with flying?
I’ve got some bad memories… It was my second time in plane but first time when I wanted to take pyro with me. I check all certifications and marks of my pyro…but I didn’t check, that I can’t take it with me. Don’t even ask me what I had to do with it. It still hurts… 😦

OK – CE marking on pyro products.
Mark CE is necessary to recognize good product. “CE” meaning “European Conformity”. This marking indicates that the manufacturer or importer claims compliance with the relevant UE legislation. The EU requirements include for example safety, health and environmental protection. Always check is your product has those marks.



Flying with pyro? Never.
Taking fireworks on an airplane is ILLEGAL. And it’s unpossible. Really. I checked it. Badly.



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