It something what is between my wife and me, when she is so angry, that I have to sleep on the couch 😀
Of course I’m joking, I had never sleep on couch.
Maybe once or twice?
Nevermind, let’s start real and serious note about safe distance, when you are using pyro.
Long time ago, I was writing about fireworks category: F1, F2 and F3.
As you remember, F1 means – very safe, F2 – fairly safe and F3 – not so safe. Then, in that note, I wrote only with should be using outdoors. This time I would like to say something more in this topic. Because, safety of you is very important for me. Really. I don’t want to hear next time about the incidents involving the improper use of pyro. Pyro should be fun, not hazard.
Safety distance, when we are talking about our first category F1 must be at least 1 m. (sometimes it could be less, but it’s the most optimal version). The safety distance in second category must be at least… 8 m. Yes, that’s right. That’s why we still have so many accidents with pyro – those distance should be bigger than few steps. If you don’t remember about this, don’t be surprised that something went wrong, when you were using pyro. And last example and category – F3 safety distance must be at least 15 m. Sometimes (the same in F2 category) it could be less. But it’s, as name said, “safety distance”, which could give you sense of safe.
Regarding other pyro – some of it you could held in hand like for example – flares. But you should following carefully the manual and held pyro so far (especially from face) as it is possible.

Every situation is different and they depends from many things. Once safe distance will be less, once you will need more space. But remember – don’t take a risk!
Have fun!


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