Pyro flares

Let’s talk a little bit about pyro flares? It’s a very popular pyro product so if at least once you used it – it’s worth to know something about it.

Few months ago I wrote a note about torches and flares (exactly I explained how to use them). You can come back to this note by clicking here. Today I am going to say a little bit more about flares itself. 

Firstly – interesting fact!
A burning flare can reach the temperature of 1600°C – quite hot, huh?

Secondly – scary fact!
Flares contain burning metals so any injury caused by them is likely to be extreme! Soo… be careful 🙂

Thirdly – suprising fact!
Even long time after flares have gone out, they are still hot enough to injure or cause a fire. So rememer to put out the fire safely.

Where to buy flares for football?
Of course football flares are available in each pyro store. The price is not really expensive, usualy it’s around 1-2 Euro for each. As you probably know, I order my pyro on Although I am not that much into flares – I bought several of them and each time the products were good.

Popular mistakes while using flares?
Let me explain now how to use flares by the safe way. This informations are so important if you care about your health. Ok, so!
1. The main mistake is striking the igniter button with the scratch surface too hard. This is unnecessary and can cause the prime to “pop” (much like a match-head).
2.Wrong position of handling flare during ignition process (for example near your stomach, close to face, in front of your friend) can be dangerous. Remember! The flare should be held in front of and away from body.
3. If the flare must be carried, be sure to keep the burning end down towards the ground. Not “placing” the flare on ground after ignition, but dropping it. This practice can cause the burning portion of the flare to break off, extinguishing the flare.


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