Very important question – can fireworks be expired?
I think no, they can’t. Despite the fact that they sometimes have expiration date I think that it’s impossible for them to be expired.
You need to be very cautious when you are using older fireworks. The most important to correctly work is storage. I wrote about it recently.
It’s obvious, that “fresh” and new pyro will be for sure stronger than old. However Continue reading “CAN FIREWORKS BE EXPIRED?”



I don’t know if I doing it in the best way, but I could share with you my way to store pyro. Every year I bought about 4 (sometimes 5) big boxes of pyro. Some of products I tested as soon as I only could. But sometimes I have more work, I have to repair something in home (or just I have to try before I call for specialist) or we are on vacation and I haven’t to much time for my hobby. In those cases I have to store my pyro safely. We don’t have children or pets, so problem isn’t so big. For all my pyro I have got special closed metal lockers. I think it became less dangerous than wooden cupboard. Pyro is sorted and I never mix it (smoke bombs with smoke bombs, firecrackers with firecrackers). I keep it in plastic tubs and containers. I never throw manuals away and I watch over, that box and packaging have not been damaged. Of course, in the room couldn’t be Continue reading “HOW TO STORE PYRO SAFELY?”


Hello all PYROFANS!

It will be first essential note on my blog. So I have little stage fright, but everyone had to started. My first step always was hard. First step to school… to work… The worst few steps in church to marry my wife 😛 and first step to board plane to UK.

Why I decided to write a blog? It’s very popular, yeah. Even too popular. But when I was looking for some infos about pyro, I didn’t find anything new and interesting. There are some kids, who try to do something with pyro, but it’s quite week Continue reading “WHAT IS PYRO?”