FP3 vs Dum Bum

Hello Guys!
When I started with my blog – I told you that I don’t like firecrackers – and that’s true (click here to read about it). But there are some, which are now very popular – so I just have to write something about them! Those petards are: FP3 and Dum Bum.


How strong is FP3 from Jorge you could see on this video:

Dum Bum

And now time for Dum Bum. Check how it works:

What is result FP3 vs Dum Bum?

On the Internet you could find many videos where people are testing both: FP3 vs Dum Bum. For example this one:

As you maybe see – this is video from Poland, but for sure everyone see effects of both firecrackers. Both petards are strong, but Dum Bum is strongest. Dum Bum has 5 grams of powder and FP3 only 3. If you want to buy it – both are in packages – 20 pieces.

Something more for fans Dum Bums

Dum Bum is really strong and awesome petard – even I have to say this. So I’ll show you funny video – which shows the power of Dum Bum – check especially second test “TOP 4” with a bicycle helmet!

Maybe after this post you would like to make your own test FP3 vs Dum Bum? If you want to – write me or send me the results 😉

I’m waiting fo your videos and messages 😉



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