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It’s nevermind, but you are lucky – today very interesting post – curiosities about fireworks.

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My Pyro Content

What you can find here?

I try to share with you all my experience with pirotechnics and write unique and special blog, which contribute to the popularization of pyro. So you could find here many advices, facts and… sometimes stupid jokes 😀 I’ll try to tell you a little bit about smoke grenades, football flares and ultras shop‘s.

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Welcome in my PyroWorld!

I wrote some notes, sometimes they are interesting, sometimes maybe a little bit boring. I told you that pyro is really awesome and adventure with it could be story for all life (like for me).
As I once said – I started when I was 12. I had a little common sense and respect from fire and I didn’t want to get detention from parents, so I was very cautious.
Pyro was never my enemy because I always acted in accordance with the guidelines. When my buddies scalded theirs hands and burned holes in theirs clothes, I stood on the side.
They said sometimes that I’m a “stuffed shirt”, but they got from their parents reprimanded and prohibitions for pyro, not me.
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