Pyro flares

Let’s talk a little bit about pyro flares? It’s a very popular pyro product so if at least once you used it – it’s worth to know something about it.

Few months ago I wrote a note about torches and flares (exactly I explained how to use them). You can come back to this note by clicking here. Today I am going to say a little bit more about flares itself.  Continue reading “Pyro flares”



Hi there!
We had to talk about smoke bombs, firecrackers, flares and torches, so today is time for…
STROBES (stroboscopes).
The strobe effect has applications in various fields – most notably in the fireworks industry and in the military area. Using strobes give amazing and very spectacular effect, but you should remember that strobe-lighting effects can trigger a form of epilepsy (photo-sensitive epilepsy, PSE or light-sensitive epilepsy). The main task for the strobe is to flash. It’s issues bright pulsating light and producing lots of smoke. It’s something like Continue reading “HOW TO USE STROBES?”


Pyro flares are a tubes packed with explosive chemicals, that burns very bright and sometimes gives smoke. It is used as a signal that you need help (for example on the sea). But it’s of course also part of popular pyrotechnics. Colorful flares and torches (smaller flares) are very often using on matches too (about my opinion is that good I mentioned, when I was writing about smoke bombs). They are made usually from Continue reading “HOW TO USE TORCHES AND FLARES?”