I don’t know if I doing it in the best way, but I could share with you my way to store pyro. Every year I bought about 4 (sometimes 5) big boxes of pyro. Some of products I tested as soon as I only could. But sometimes I have more work, I have to repair something in home (or just I have to try before I call for specialist) or we are on vacation and I haven’t to much time for my hobby. In those cases I have to store my pyro safely. We don’t have children or pets, so problem isn’t so big. For all my pyro I have got special closed metal lockers. I think it became less dangerous than wooden cupboard. Pyro is sorted and I never mix it (smoke bombs with smoke bombs, firecrackers with firecrackers). I keep it in plastic tubs and containers. I never throw manuals away and I watch over, that box and packaging have not been damaged. Of course, in the room couldn’t be Continue reading “HOW TO STORE PYRO SAFELY?”



If you are wondering where to use pyro safely, I could give you some great advices in this note. ( Admit, that you loved my boring advices!)

Where NOT to use pyro (I hope, you remember, but I’ll repeat it): Continue reading “WHERE TO USE PYRO SAFELY?”


Welcome in my PyroWorld!

I wrote some notes, sometimes they are interesting, sometimes maybe a little bit boring. I told you that pyro is really awesome and adventure with it could be story for all life (like for me).
As I once said – I started when I was 12. I had a little common sense and respect from fire and I didn’t want to get detention from parents, so I was very cautious.
Pyro was never my enemy because I always acted in accordance with the guidelines. When my buddies scalded theirs hands and burned holes in theirs clothes, I stood on the side.
They said sometimes that I’m a “stuffed shirt”, but they got from their parents reprimanded and prohibitions for pyro, not me.
Is pyro dangerous? Yes, it could be. If you still are like my buddies from childhood and you want to say that I’m a “stuffed shirt”, read something more about this… Continue reading “THEY LOST THEIR LIFES”


It will be very nice if you write me what you like in my blog and about what you would like to read. So far, I told you a little bit about pyro and probably you wonder about the fundamental issue – pyro for sale! So the main question is WHERE TO BUY PYRO? 
Answer is simple. I have one sure and good shop. That’s , which I could recommend to all. I order the pyrotechnics from this side already 3 years. I tested also few others shops, but it only disappointed me… Once, I ordered pyro from UltrasShop but it was problems with my order and… Continue reading “PYRO FOR SALE?”